>Psychology homework help

>Psychology homework help.

  I need these assignments in about 150 words each.

1. Well, as we consider Humanistic Psychology (HP) we, as scientists, must always consider how we evaluate a given theory, practice, intervention etc. As you all know, how the research question is asked, will determine what methodology will be employed.  I was trained in quantitative approaches, the goal of which is to make a causal inference. In order to do so, one must manipulate the IV within a given time frame to determine its effect on the DV with some form of equivalent comparison group.  The qualitative approach is not asking that type of question, but rather what is the experience of the participants in a given context, meaning making etc.  Of course, both approaches have immense value. It just depends on the question asked.

Attached is a nice review of the two research methods. Please share your thoughts

2. I must admit that in my early assistant professor days fresh from a big time clinical psychology graduate program that was research based I was a bit of a snob in regard to qualitative research.  I thought qualitative researchers were folks who wanted to avoid statistics. I know, I know, I was a horrible person but I have sought forgiveness from my qualitative friends and have come to understand and appreciate the importance and value of qualitative methodology.  As we look to a vaccine for COVID we certainly want to measure efficacy and safety as well as the experience of the participants in the various studies.

Here is an interesting article discussing how to present qualitative research findings to a pharmaceutical journal. How do might you think about this article as it applies to the research methods associated with HP?


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>Psychology homework help


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