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>Psychology homework help. Statement on Humanistic Psychology As a prospective humanistic psychologist, you will often be asked, “What is humanistic psychology?” To prepare yourself for this eventuality and more importantly, to synthesize what you have learned about humanistic psychology, prepare a written statement. It may be helpful to think of this as the “dinner party question and answer” – i.e., when you tell someone you are attending a graduate school with a humanistic orientation, and they ask you what that means, think about how you will respond succinctly and meaningfully. Your statement should contain four parts: Personal Meaning, Clinical Psychology, Applications to a Broader World View including Social Justice, and Humanistic Psychology and Its View on __________. The section on personal meaning should include what humanistic psychology means to you. Consider how the tenets and concepts are relevant to you. The section on clinical psychology should refer to how humanistic psychology views humankind and approaches clinical work. The third section, on a broader world view, should describe how the tenets and concepts central to humanistic psychology can be used to promote social justice and a respectful, appreciative stance toward all of humankind. Chapters 37 and 46 of the Schneider, Pierson, and Bugental text and Chapter 12 of the Goble text may be helpful sources for this section. For the fourth section, choose a concept or movement that is of particular interest to you and describe the perspective of this concept/movement from the viewpoint of humanistic psychology. (Examples include but are not limited the following: multiculturalism, Black Lives Matter, resilience, LGBTQ+ concerns, feminism, authenticity.) This paper should be written in APA style, and the length should be 6-8 pages, excluding references and title page. A minimum of 4 sources should be used, and at least 1 of these should be a journal article.


>Psychology homework help


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