Reading homework help

Reading homework help.

For this assignment, you will be creating a poster to represent three relationships in your life. The relationships you choose can be ones that you are currently engaged in, or ones that have ended; it should however, be somewhat recent. You do not need to disclose any information you are not comfortable with disclosing. Your poster can include song lyrics, newspapers articles, personal or general photos, magazine clippings, articles, poetry, prose, art, etc. that represents these relationships to you.

My hope is that you will get creative with this assignment and showcase these relationships however you see fit. On your poster, be sure to tie each relationship to at least 2 concepts discussed in lecture or readings.

You are welcome to complete your poster using an online tool (Canva, Google Slides, etc.) or create an actual poster and upload a photo to Canvas. Your poster will be uploaded to our week ten discussion board, so we can “workshop” all together, and engage with each other’s work (similar to an online poster session). The goal of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to apply course concepts to your personal relationships, engage in the material and creatively express what you have learned this quarter.


Ability to Integrate Course Concepts into Three Personal Relationships (50 points)

Student has integrated at least two concepts to each relationship (six total concepts on the poster) and this is clearly connected and showcased on the poster in a creative, but direct, manner. It is obvious which concepts belong to which relationship.

Creativity (30 points)

Student creatively showcases three relationships on their poster. Student used a variety of artistic details/choices to exemplify the relationships (including, but not limited to: song lyrics, newspaper articles, photos, magazine clippings, articles, poetry, prose, art, etc.). The student does an excellent job at representing each relationship.

Assignment Logistics (20 points)

The poster is uploaded to our week ten discussion board on time. It is obvious that time, thought, reflection and effort were put into the poster. The poster is very well put together.

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Reading homework help


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