Science homework help

Science homework help.

 The format is up to you but make it readable please. Font size must be 11 or 12 point single space for the text.  3-5 pages


Possible topics areas:

1) Gravitational wave detection and future capabilities – LIGO-LISA-BBO

2) The X Ray universe – what do we learn

3) Future ground and space based telescopes – science enabled and technology required

4) The direct imaging of blackholes via their “event horizon” – such as the EHT – Event Horizon Telescope

5) Adaptive Optics (AO) for optical and IR telescopes – how does it work and how well does it perform

6) Using the Moon as an astronomical observatory – opportunities and challenges

7) Multiple universe theories – can we detect parallel and past universes?

8) The fate of our universe

9) Current “tension” in cosmological data and theories – opportunities for new discoveries

10) The matter-antimatter asymmetry problem in our universe

11) Ideas of unifying gravity and quantum mechanics – “The Theory of Everything”

12) Is time travel possible within the current known theories of Physics – Wormholes

13) Is faster than light travel possible and what are the implications?

14) The radio universe – how does it complement optical surveys

15) The infrared universe – how does it complement optical surveys

16) Upcoming large scale sky surveys such as the LSST program – what can we learn

Science homework help


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