Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help.

COURSE: MDP 585 Decolonizing Development Assignment

● Assignment Part 1 = Of the writers studied in Week 1 (Guevara, Fanon, Said, wa Thiong’o, Memmi, Sartre, Charles), whose works and theories stand out to you and why? What are their key ideas, and how has the philosophy aged with time–still relevant? How is it reflected (or not) in the present world order and aid agenda? Reach beyond the materials provided in class.

Explore other theorists name-dropped in the readings and videos (i.e., Cesaire, Mudimbe, Achebe, Nkrumah), if no one is grabbing you/you need to shake it up. Compare/contrast for a richer understanding. 30%

● Assignment Part 2 = Now, take their theories and ideas, and apply them to a current issue or program in which you’ve worked/would like to work in the development sector. What is the connection? How would the concepts apply, solve, or work in opposition to the program or policy? How can your conclusion be supported? 30%

For example, how might Fanon (a trained psychiatrist) apply his understanding of “North African Syndrome” to community mental health/psychosocial programs in South Africa or DRC? Would Ngugi wa Thiong’o still think Fanon’s theory would hold, if applied to the Carter Center’s mental health program in Liberia–a country not colonized, per se, but founded by freed US slaves? How might Mark Charles reconcile faith-based philanthropists providing funding for Native American community development projects? Would Che Guevara approve of the Water is Life program methodology?

The possibilities are endless…. You just need to make it 8 pages, double-spaced, with a 12-point font. DUE MONDAY NOVEMBER 10, NOON. Please plan accordingly. No late papers. You do not need it hanging over your head for the winter break, and I have grading deadlines. Let’s do each other a solid, and keep to this schedule.

Social Science homework help


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