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Social Science homework help. 29. Holman Health had annual total costs of $2,000,000 at a volume of 10,000.  The Fixed costs for the year was $1,600,000.

(a) What are the total variable costs for the year?


(b) What would the total costs be if the volume increased by 10%?








30. MVSU Mass Transit Authority provides a county-wide van service for senior citizens. MVSU Mass Transit receives a $100,000 grant each year from a consortium of local organizations in support of the service. The Authority expects to spend $2,500 each year to pay for copying and supplies to operate the service. Insurance will cost the Authority $1,750 per year for each of the two vans that it operates. The Authority employs a supervisor to run the van service. There are also six part-time coordinators that organize the routing of the vans and provide outreach to the senior community. Each coordinator works an average of 17 hours per week for 50 weeks in the year.

Salary and Wage Schedule (including benefits)


Supervisor $36,000 per year


Coordinator $10 per hour


All drivers are volunteers. The costs associated with carrying each passenger are $0.35 per mile. The average ride for each passenger is 5 miles. Seniors are asked to donate $0.75 for each ride, but only 80 percent of the riders are able to afford the donation.


Prepare an operating budget for the upcoming year, assuming 5,000 seniors use the van service during the year. In the past, there have been fluctuations in ridership so the Authority would also like to see what would happen should there be a 10% increase or decrease in the number of rides.


Please show the calculations you used to prepare the budget and put the budget in the excel spreadsheet. Then upload the question or email.


Question 31

XYZ Mental Health Center delivers counseling services to prison inmates for the State of Mississippi on a fee for service basis. It is preparing its cash budget for the month of March 2014. Its operating budget reflects accrued fee for service revenues of $12,500, $13,000, and $14,000 respectively for the months of January, February, and March. The Center bills the State electronically at the end of each month for the services that it delivers to its fee for service clients. Rahway collects 60% of its fee for service billings in the month following the delivery of service, with the remainder being collected in the second month after the delivery of services. What are XYZ Mental Health Center’s total cash receipts from the state for the month of March 2014? Show your work. Please upload a file for your work or email.

Question 32

Leflore Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center is developing an operating budget for the month ending June 30, 2014. The Center expects to perform 80 surgical procedures during the month. Leflore Hospital’s average charge (price) per surgical procedure is $2,500. The cost of disposable surgical supplies is $300 per surgical procedure. Leflore Outpatient Surgery Center also contracts with orthopedic surgeons at a fee of $1,500 per surgical procedure. The monthly salaries for the Center’s receptionist, bookkeeper, and two surgical nurses total $10,500. The Center’s occupancy costs, which include space rental, insurance, and all utilities, are $8,200 per month. Average monthly communication costs are $1,200. Office and operating room equipment was installed at a cost of $240,000. The equipment is expected to have a five-year life and has no salvage value.

Prepare Leflore Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center’s operating budget for the month of June 2014.

(Please show your work for full credit).


Question 3310 pts

Children Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive physical exams. The charge per exam is $100, while the variable cost per exam is $65. Thirty percent of the patients that come in for exams are private pay. They must pay the full charge. Seventy percent of the patients are covered by an insurance company that has an agreement with the clinic that reduces the charge by 20 percent. The clinic has $210,000 in fixed costs per year. How many exams must the clinic provide in order to break-even? Show your work.


Question 34

The fixed costs of running a fund-raising dinner for Free the Delta, an organization working to address the problems of the MS Delta, are $10,000 and the variable costs are $75 per attendee.  The facility where the event is being held can accommodate 500 people.  Answer the following question about the event:

a.  If Free the Delta charged $275 per ticket, how many people would have to attend the gala for the organization to break even on the event?


b.  If Free the Delta charged $300 per ticket, the contribution margin from each ticket sold would be:


c.  If 500 people attend the event, how much does the organization have to charge each attendee to earn (i.e., profit) $100,000?  (Assume costs from original problem are still in effect.)







Question 3510 

Ridgeland Animal Protective Services is planning its Spring 2014 awards dinner as a fund raising event. It is planning to charge each attendee $150. The Jackson Convention Center, the site of the dinner, will charge Ridgeland $5,000 for the use of its posh Satin Room and $50 per plate for food. The Satin Room has a capacity of 180 people. BB King Band will provide the entertainment for their standard performance fee of $1,000 per night.

a.   How many people would need to attend in order for Ridgeland to breakeven?


b.   If Ridgeland sells 100 tickets for the dinner, what is the average cost to Ridgeland for each person with a ticket?


c. If Ridgeland sells 100 tickets for the dinner, what is the average cost to Ridgeland for each person with a ticket?


Question 36

New City Daycare Center operates from Monday to Friday. It has fixed expenses of $5,000 per week and charges each child that attends the program $15 per day. It costs the center $5 per day for supplies and snacks for each child. How many children have to come to the center each day for it to break even?


b. If the center gets a contribution of $1,000 per week, its break-even point would increase of decrease?


Question 37

The MVSU Student Association (MVSUSA) is planning a fundraising event for the spring semester. The MVSUSA is planning to hire the BB King Band as entertainment for a fee of $750. The BB King Museum in Indianola was selected as the site for the event. The Museum will charge the MVSUSA $600 for the use of its banquet room. Thompson’s Hospitality was selected to cater the event. Thompson’s Hospitality will charge the MVSUSA a flat fee of $400 and an additional charge of $20 per meal.

a) The MVSUSA expects a total of 250 students and alumni to attend its spring fundraising event. What is the break-even ticket price?

b) The MVSUSA is considering charging two different ticket prices: $25 for students and $75 for alumni. If the expected ratio of students to alumni is three to one, how many student tickets and how many alumni tickets must each be sold in order for the spring fundraising event to break even?

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