Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help.

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    Now that at you have researched and detailed a project for the past five weeks, you are ready to make your presentation. You will summarize the details from your research these past five weeks as well as present an SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation) proposal for the new or improved health care service that you want to introduce into the community’s health care system.

    Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of twelve slides. Some of the content may be better presented as handouts (for example, your floor plan or organizational chart). Use your own discretion in the best way to present your information. If you are going to use handouts or attachments, I recommend also having a slide with detailed speaker’s notes for the content; then you could include a note to “See Attachment One” or “See details in the packet you have been provided”, etc.

    Include the following information although the order will vary based on how you want to present your proposal. This assignment will require you to use critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving skills to organize your material for presentation.

    • Introduce yourself and greet your selected audience. Be sure to have a clear understanding of who you are presenting to and what actions you are wanting them to take. For example, your audience could be members of the community, decision makers from local healthcare organizations, potential investors, etc. Can you see how your presentation will vary based on your intended audience?
    • Include information on the SBAR process as well as detailing each element with information from your research for the project. Inform your audience of the basics of SBAR. You will organize your information appropriately so that you have the relevant information for each part of the SBAR. (Your SBAR information can be a handout or integrated into your slides; your presentation should mention the handout if you are choosing that option.)
    • Situation
    • Background
    • Assessment
    • Recommendation
    • Note that the organization of the material will vary. For example, if you are using existing space in a healthcare facility for your proposed services, the floor plan may fall under an area other than recommendation. Whereas, if you are proposing a brand new space, it may be best covered under Recommendation.
    • You will want to have at least one slide for the material covered in each of the previous weeks. There may be more than one slide to cover the material. For example, when discussing the city you may have several slides to cover all of the details about demographics, population, other healthcare services, etc.
    • Detailed speaker’s notes must accompany each slide with explanation of the content for each slide and the use of citations where sources are used. (Do not substitute voiceovers, etc.) Your speaker’s notes are to be complete and provide sufficient detail to cover the content of the slide. NO VOICE OVERS ARE TO BE DONE – USE SPEAKER’S NOTES TO EXPLAIN THE CONTENT ON THE SLIDES.
    • A minimum of three reputable sources should be used as references and citations to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).
    • Apply proper PowerPoint techniques with respect to use of graphics, backgrounds, color, layout, etc.
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Social Science homework help


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