Social Science homework help

Social Science homework help.

Locate an empirical article within the past 5 years that employs a needs assessment in addressing a social issue. It is recommended that you select a needs assessment on a population group that you are presently working with at your field agency.

Feel free to use any MSU online database as well as outside resources. Commonly used journals are American Journal of Evaluation, Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, Evaluation and Program Planning, Evaluation Review. In addition, you can also access outside sources such as the CDC, NIH, and Agency for Health Care Research and Quality.

Write an essay using the outline below (approximately 5 pages). Use the outline headers to organize the paper and label the sections in APA format.

Assignment Outline


Provide a brief overview of the article explaining the:

· Client system that was involved (i.e., individuals, families, groups, organizations, or communities).

· Please explain the role of the researchers, agency, and community as well any other parties involved.

· Aims

Describe the aims of the needs assessment including:

· Research design

· Data collection technique

· Findings


· Discuss how the needs assessment assisted in addressing the needs of the agency and community.

Strengths and Limitations of the needs assessment

· Discuss the strengths and limitations of the needs assessment

Impact of Urban Environmental Factors

· Explain how urban environmental factors could impact this type of needs assessment especially as it relates to Baltimore City?

Recommendations for Improvement

· Explain what you would do differently if you were to conduct a needs assessment on a similar population group.

Personal Reflection

· How does the article influence your knowledge about needs assessments?

Social Science homework help


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