>Social Science homework help

>Social Science homework help.

  • For the sources you identify from off the syllabus, they must be scholarly. That means:
    • No Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers,, Helium, Metafilter, Associated Content, etc, and no dictionaries or encyclopedias of any kind. 
    • In general, you should also avoid “fact sheets,” basic websites for organizations (again, unless your topic relates to things like a professional association’s approach to engaging with the public, in which case we can certainly talk about how to tackle that issue). 
    • Try to avoid popular news articles, unless your topic specifically relates to popular coverage of scientific findings. Ask me if you really feel like you have one that’s legitimate for your topic.
    • No amateur blogs—if you want to include a professional’s blog, ask me about it. If you’re unsure whether the blog entry you’re contemplating is appropriate, ask.
  • This is an ANNOTATED bibliography, regardless of which option you have chosen. For each source, include one or two sentences about the contribution the source makes toward your final paper. These claims should be clear and specific, conveying that you have actually read through them at least once and know that they’re appropriate for/integral to your paper. Your annotations should bear in mind and address any feedback I gave you on your original abstract.

I attached a pdf that includes my thesis and abstract for the paper and the rubric. I also attached two articles that I already have and please include in the 6 sources. And need to rewrite my abstract paragraph the last two sentences with the underline.  SO you need to find 4 sources for me!

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>Social Science homework help


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