>Sociology homework help

>Sociology homework help.

For this project, you will create a country educational profile. Your profile should integrate some numerical data as well as some historical and descriptive information, and you should aim to paint a comprehensive snapshot of your chosen country’s educational situation. While I do want you to provide some specific numbers and facts, you don’t need to document exhaustive statistics and trends, just enough to paint a vivid picture and cover the main issues pertaining to education in a national context.

Please select a country other than the U.S. to create a profile for. Start by visiting and exploring the following websites: World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE), the CIA World Fact Book, UNESCO Country Profiles, PISA country rankings (2015), OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the OECD’s Education Policy Country Profiles. I encourage you to undertake additional research to complete your country profile, but make sure you cite any additional sources and please do not simply cut and paste any sections, summaries, or statistics from any of the above sources – your final write up needs to be a synthesized, readable summary of information and stats that pertain to education in a general way.

Your profile should contain 3 sections. The country background should offer a brief summary of the country’s current geopolitical situation, economic orientation, degree of economic development, history, colonial ties (if any), some background on ethnic groups and languages, and culture. The country statistics section should report on some aggregate measures such as life expectancy, population median age, fertility rate, population growth rate, poverty rate (or percentage of people below poverty rate), school access and school completion rates, education expenditures, overall literacy rates, literacy rates by gender, world ranking for education, PISA country rank and so on. The final, country summary section should tie the historical and factual information together, to offer a coherent, reader-friendly summary of your country’s educational situation and include some reflections on the connections that characterize its unique educational profile. In your write up, please connect your discussion to at least 2 of the weekly readings that have been assigned to underscore some of the concepts and themes that we have been encountering and to connect them to your particular country educational profile.

Your final write up should be 3 to 5 pages long and include a bibliography of your readings or any additional sources beyond the web-sites that are included in these instructions. You don’t need to include a bibliography for the websites above, instead, you should indicate when you are using statistics or facts from those sources by simply stating, ‘according to WIDE’ or ‘as reported in the UNESCO country profile,’ etc., etc. I will expect your paper to be well written, spellchecked and checked for grammar. All rules for plagiarism apply.

>Sociology homework help


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