Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

please follow the instructions in given document:

“To actually be sociological”: Stories of Self The self in context, as sociologically analyzed, is important and relevant. Connecting the personal with cultural and social structures is an application of the sociological imagination. This assignment is an opportunity for students to further develop their sociological imagination, writing skills and reflective abilities. Self-reflexivity allows the student to speak personally by focusing on their lived experiences in direct relation to social context. This assignment encourages you to reflect on your own self-concept, discuss your own histories and offer a diverse perspective through narratives and photographs. You are not required to reveal anything that is private to you. Only the instructor will see the photos and read the narratives. Part 1. The story of Self: • Using some of your answers for Kuhn’s Twenty Statement Test (which was completed in lecture October 19, 2020) as a reference, tell a story about who you are using photographs. Select 2-5 photos which you can share publicly and you feel tells a story about who you are. • These photos can be ones that you already have or they can be ones that you “find” that you feel represent you or they can be ones that you take specifically for this project. Photos can be of objects, settings, environments, people (including yourself or a selfie) if you wish. Please be respectful of others’ privacy in taking photos for this assignment. • Please write a narrative (story) describing each of the photographs including what is in the photo, its meaning and relation to your self-concept. The story for each photo should be no more than one type-written page in length. Photos should be embedded in the document with the story underneath. If this is a problem, please contact me to make other arrangements. • This section will be 2-5 pages long depending on how many photos and stories you include. Part 2. Analyzing experience • Consult chapter five in the text to assist you in analyzing your self-concept. In particular think about whether your stories could understood as “Self as Social structure” and/or “Self as Dramatic Effect”. Briefly discuss each perspective and reflect upon any of the concepts that help to explain your experience of self (for example the four-types of self-concept or impression management). • How are your stories similar to each perspective? How are they different? Is the research/theory in the chapter limited in addressing your personal experience? Does it provide you any new insight? Can you connect your experiences of the self to any larger cultural scripts or social structures (for example sexuality, age, class/status, gender, race/ethnicity, disability, religion, family, migration)? Fully explain your answers. • Reflect on what you have learned from this process. While this may well seem absurd to you, it is necessary if you are realize what is involved in linking the personal with the social/cultural structure. • This section will be 2-5 pages long. Instructions: 1. Write up your discussions and reflections in 4-10 type-written pages. You may use subtitles to help organize your work. Include an overall introduction and conclusion to the assignment. Be sure to properly reference using APA or ASA style references and reference list. Put photos and stories first and your reflections and analysis second. 2. To receive a good grade you must be thoughtful about your stories and connect to ideas in the course. 3. Please upload using word or pdf file. It should be typed, double-spaced, 12-font, 1-inch margins, title page Please number your pages.

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Sociology homework help


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