Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

  1. Annotation guide: In order to annotate your Argument, work through the following steps:
Type of annotation How to do it where it shows you how
1.      Essay plan for a one-sided argument. Fill in Template 1 See below
2.      Thesis, Arguments and Reinforcement of thesis Fill in Template 2 as per of Persuasive texts part 1
3.      Resources for sustaining a position in an argument and conjunctions. Pick your best argument paragraph and highlight evaluative resources and conjunctions you’ve used, and explain why you’ve used them. Fill in Template 3


As per the model in the lecture Persuasive texts part 3



Template 1: Essay plan for a one-sided argument.

Thesis: The main argument I want to make and support in my essay is as follows:

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________



Arguments to support the thesis Specific points and evidence to support the arguments























Reinforcement of thesis: The message I want to leave my reader with is:






Template 2: Thesis, Arguments and Reinforcement of Thesis

  • Copy and paste your Thesis stage and Reinforcement of Thesis stage and bold your Text Preview.
  • For your Arguments, copy and paste the Topic Sentences only.
  • For your counter argument paragraph, copy and paste the Topic Sentence AND the Restate thesis phase.
  • Colour code your text: Highlight the scope (pink for Focus of study and blue for Lens) in the question and throughout your essay. Use different colours to highlight your arguments and their place in the Text Preview (as per modelled in class).
Essay question: Can well-developed soft skills help graduates get ahead in their chosen career?
Thesis stage

Thesis statement















Arguments (topic sentences)

Create extra columns if you need them.






















Counter argument + reinforcement of own argument



Reinforcement of thesis








Template 3 – resources for sustaining a position in an argument and conjunctions

  • Choose an argument paragraph from your essay. Highlight the evaluative resources and conjunctions you used to help sustain your argument (positive and negative evaluation language). Then write a paragraph (150 words) explaining to your tutor how the evaluation resources have built your argument.
  • In your analysis of the paragraph from your essay, you should put any direct quotes from your essay in quotation marks. You should also relate your quotes to the meanings they create i.e. how the resources of evaluation and conjunction build your argument and make your writing more persuasive.




Colour Meaning


Insert an argument paragraph from your essay here and colour code it






Analysis of paragraph (150 words)

Write your analysis here








Sociology homework help


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