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Sociology homework help. Advocacy Project Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will draw on your studies to produce an advocacy plan for the issue featured in the Persuasive Essay and using the communicative mode of your choice. The issue in the Persuasive Essay will be used to create a local advocacy project. After giving some thought to any specific action plan(s) to be encouraged, the other key part of this assignment is to choose an appropriate mode for how this advocacy might work (e.g., oral, written, visual, digital, live, online, recorded, etc.).


You will be given an opportunity to justify your choice of mode, so the choice itself needs to be a rhetorically sound, deliberate, and based on the conditions under which the desired audience will encounter the advocacy piece. Examples include a short video, a speech/public talk of some sort, a podcast, a brief written appeal to be placed in an appropriate venue, a visual flyer or poster, some sort of flash performance, etc.


The aims of this assignment are twofold: 1) to demonstrate an awareness of what constitutes effective advocacy (e.g., its differences from persuasion), and 2) to show a strong awareness of the rhetorical benefits of different modes of communication, as well as their weaknesses.


Part 1

Topic and Mode Rationale: You will submit a topic with a 200-word rationale for the mode of choice (with at least 3 cited sources) detailing why the issue is relevant to public policy and the mode of choice is being chosen.



Part 2

Outline: You will submit an outline for the project and include at least 5 sources. The following outline would be an example (


  1. Setting your goals
  2. Strategies for developing your message
  3. Strategies to get the message out
  4. Team building
  5. Putting it all together
  6. Conclusion




Part 3

Final: The Advocacy Project is to be submitted along with a detailed summary of the project; this is at least 6–7 pages in length. The Advocacy Project must include the following:


  1. Introduction: Must include a summary of the issues and a clear thesis statement
  2. Rationale for the mode of choice: This must include the rationale for the mode of choice detailing why the issue is relevant to public policy.
  3. Include the elements of your outline headings: Each heading must be supported with research, facts, strategies, etc. The following outline would be an example (
  4. Setting your goals
  5. Strategies for developing your message
  6. Strategies to get the message out
  7. Team building
  8. Putting it all together
  9. Conclusion: offers a good summary of issues treated in the paper and offers practical application.
  10. References



Sociology homework help


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