Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

Ethical Assessment: The Town of Lionsville


For guidance, refer to the APA manual (reference below) and The OWL at Purdue, APA

Formatting and Style Guide (




For this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of ethical decision

making and moral reasoning through the analysis of the hypothetical town

“Lionsville” In order to complete this assignment, you will first review the

presented scenario (found in blackboard) and then address the following areas:


1. Provide an overview of the characters and conflicts in the scenario

2. Identify three unethical practices that occurred in this scenario

a. Explain why each practice or procedure would be considered unethical in human service practice.

b. For each unethical practice, justify your answer using the NOHS (2015) standard of ethics and explain why each unethical practice

violates the identified ethical code.

3. Of the three identified unethical practices, select ONE violation and then:

a. Apply the ethical decision making process showing each step you would take as the practitioner in this situation

b. Conclude your ethical decision making process with an ethical solution to the identified violation.

4. Summarize your knowledge by answering the following questions:

a. What role do ethical standards play in human service practice?

b. What is the relationship between ethical standards and the law?









Ethical Assessment: The Town of Lionsville


For guidance, refer to the APA manual (reference below) and The OWL at Purdue, APA

Formatting and Style Guide (




 Rubric: Please review the assignment rubric before beginning this assignment to ensure you address all required areas.

 Length: this assignment is required to be a minimum of four (4) pages (not including title or reference pages)

 APA Formatting:

All materials submitted for evaluation will be assessed on their adherence to

assignment guidelines, grammar, style, clarity, and depth of reflectiveness.

Grammar, spelling, and use of APA style are mandatory. Poor grammar usage,

lack of APA style, or misspelled words will seriously detract from your grade.

Submissions must adhere to APA style guidelines. This includes the following:

1) A title page

2) 1 inch margins

3) 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial)

4) Double space

5) Reference page

6) Running Head

7) Page Numbers

Sociology homework help


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