Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help.

Assignment Details

This assignment requires you to use Excel to answer the questions and create the charts as specified in the file below. However, when presenting reports in business, you will find that most managers will prefer to read Word documents or Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides rather than go through Excel sheets. Being able to move your work from Excel to Word is a valuable skill. For this assignment, prepare a report by copying all your charts and comments to a Word document and submit that Word file as your assignment. Clearly label all questions and charts as well as your answers. Make sure to review your grading rubric.

Watch the Unit 1 Tutorial before beginning this assignment.

Unit 1 Assignment Rubric

Unit 1 Tutorial

Tips for watching Excel Data Analysis Tool Tutorial:

  1. Select here to play tutorial.
  2. Once launched, click in the middle of video screen to play.
  3. The video can be paused by clicking the pause button on at the bottom of video.
  4. You can jump to any part of video by using menu options on left side.

See Example.

Excel Tutorial (PDF)

This assignment is super simple, I just don’t have the time to complete. Intended for Kim Woods

Statistics homework help


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